Hollywood this sexual disorder meant. According to

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Hollywood is the area where a lot of
celebrities live in places such as Beverly Hills and Bel Air. Aside from being
the home of the most celebrity stars, Hollywood is also the area where most of
the films that we have watched and a lot of them were box-office movies were
produced for more than 30 years. A lot of aspiring actors dream of stepping a
foot on this famous district and be a part of the community. Unknowingly, Hollywood isn’t
just a place for rising stars and struggling actors but it is also a place for
an opportunity for the sexual predators that victimize the young, innocent
ones. A lot of reported cases pointed that these sexual predators were the managers, producers, directors, and even
some well-known actors in the industry. There has been a myriad record
and allegations of pedophilia in Hollywood that people just brush it off, just like
what happened to the actor/singer, Corey Feldman, which his former manager
assistant molested him as a child while his friend, the late actor, Corey Haim,
was allegedly raped by Charlie Sheen at 13 years old. These cases are just one
of the myriad records of Pedophilia that is happening in the Hollywood scene. Pedophilia
has been a long-time issue inside the scene where everyone seems knows it is
happening with a lot of child actors but turn a blind eye and still works with
these sexual molesters.  As the actor
Corey Feldman once said during an interview, “The number one problem in
Hollywood was and always will be pedophilia.” It seems like no one even wants
to address it or helps the victims because of the reasons only them who knows.

Before moving on discussing the truth
about the pedophilia rings in Hollywood, let them define what does this sexual
disorder meant. According to DSM-5, Pedophilia is a sexual disorder about being
sexually attracted to a child, generally age 13 years or younger over a period
of at least 6 months. This person should be at least age 16 years and at least
5 years older than the child, and at least had acted on their sexual urges or
fantasies which caused an interpersonal difficulty to their life. Now that the
definition has been covered, let’s start discussing the sickening truth about this
sexual disorder to the famous film industry. Last 2016 Elijah Wood, widely
known to his portrayal as Frodo Baggins in the movie The Lord of the Rings,
told the The Sunday Times during an interview that he was lucky he was not
became a victim of the child abuse all thanks to his mother who did not let him
to go to the parties where the sexual abuse to the prepubescent children. He
said “Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood.” And added “It was all
organized.” Wood remarked that the industry figures targets child actors, he
added “There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their
own interests in mind. There is darkness in the underbelly.” Wood was not the
first person make these claims. A 16 year veteran of Hollywood, Jon Robberson
claims that there is an alleged global Satanic pedophile ring which controls
the industry during to his interview to a webcast called Pass the Salt Live.  He
explained the dark history of the sadistic ritual where there is sacrificing of
kids happening during the ninth and tenth century England.  Those practices were being implemented to
Hollywood in the form the pedophilia ring. according to Robberson, this ring
consists of people with higher positions in Hollywood like the executive VP,
producers, powerful agent, and those international bankers who funded this
ring. He claimed that these said members throw parties which is where they drug
the children then films them engaging in homosexual orgies, bloodletting, and
even animal dismemberment.

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Robberson also added to the interview “Once
they’ve got the goods on you on video, they own you.” Thus, what is he talking
about? What are this satanic pedophile ring and its connection to ruining the
innocence of some child actors? Recently, an alarming number of victims shares
their own story about the uncontrolled predatory behavior in Hollywood in which
some of their experiences of sexual assaults during their younger years. Before
the issue blew up, a shocking relevation, that was released by Wikileaks where tens
of thousands of email by John Podesta, former campaign manager Hillary Clinton
last October 7th of 2016 that claim he was part of a pedophile rings
called Pizzagate, came out. After these emails were released, a new batch was
posted that showed Podesta and James Alefantis, owner of pizza parlor called
Comet Ping pong, emailing each other. This caused an allegation that Alefantis
has a connection to the Pizzagate so after that released, netizens found the
pizza parlor owner’s instagram. Alefantis’s instagram posts are bizarre even
the caption and the comments are quite disturbing, for example, one of his post
were a picture of a little girl to a table with, coincidentally, a guy behind
her and a photo of a baby doll with a signage “German baby $1200, Please do not
touch” then Alefantis’ caption is “way overpriced”. Though, a lot of readers
were left confused to some contents of the email because it does not make sense
that is why netizens tried and found a possible code words used like the word
hotdog and pizza were used as a substitute to boy and girl, cheese and pasta
for little girl and little boy, and ice cream and sauce for male prostitute and
orgy. Pizzagate is an government scandal so how is this related to the film
industry? Both of them may not be related or have a direct link between these
pedophilia rings but there is no questions that the MK Ultra might have a role
in influencing the music and media industry. MK Ultra was a classified research
program of the CIA’s scientific intelligence division. This program ran from
1950s until mid-1970s but it is continued today and allegedly goes by the name
Monarch Mind Control (MMC). MMC is known to performing mind control technique with
a combination of occult rituals, psychology, and              neuroscience to produce an alter
ego to a subject. Based from some conspiracy theorists, MMC might be involved
in the Hollywood using the famous celebrities to control by subliminal messages
with sexual innuendo or satanic imagery concealed in films. Although it is
still not clear how all of this are structured.

Kaplan wrote in an article last 2014 about
how Pedophilia is a disorder and not a crime, she delves into the topic and
found a research which infers this disorder might have a neurological origins.
The brain fails to recognize appropriate environmental stimuli to trigger a
sexual response. It is also suggested in that research that men are more likely
to be left-handed or ambidextrous which we can assume why there are a lot of
sexual abusers in the Hollywood because when a person is a left-handed it means
that this person uses more of their right hemisphere and right hemisphere is responsible
for creativity like arts and music. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary,
ambidextrous is using both hands equally well and is about versatility, we can
still assume that they both uses their right and left hemisphere which means
not only there are good in creativity but also in logical reasoning and that
might be a reason why they are powerful. Their power only meant they can get
away with every offense they make like Pedophilia which leads to more lives of
potential child actors to be ruined. Aside from everything about what the writer
has gathered, the connection of Pedophilia and satanic ritual, what is more
important is the effect of their heinous behavior to its victims. Not a lot of
celebrities confess they become a victim but those who has been, it can be seen
in their lifestyle that the abuse really took a toll in their lives. The best
example could be Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, they were exposed to drugs and
sexual intercourse at such a young age they grew up being in and out of rehab
for years an been in therapy for years too. These are not the only effect could
happen with the victim’s life. The child can have emotional, physical, and as
well as behavioral problems which can be life-long.  They often have a difficulty in making
decisions as an adult and always feel helpless, isolated, and powerless. The victims
feel like there is no safe place from them or no one can rescue them even
though they have gotten out of the abuse. Memory loss from trauma is also
common which can/might be recovered through therapy.

The pedophilia in Hollywood is a real
issue that no one should ignore it or set it aside. It seems that this issue
has been happening for a long time but it is only recently the pedophilia has
blew up, with the help of Elijah Woods and Corey Haim for being vocal about it.
Not only that it is being ignored but it also seems like, this is only the tip
of the iceberg of the issue. Even with all of the information have garnered, it
might be actually right because no one can crack the code where is the root
cause of this, with a program controlling people’s mind that leads to doing
unthinkable things like pedophilia to being connected to Satanic rituals, it is
genuinely mind-boggling to go deep within all of this. Hopefully, someone could
crack it to prevent the future victim of this abuse have their life be ruined and
to help all those victim who’s life they have ruined already. 


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