Culture over employees? Does the group ‘take

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Culture can be described as
the complete collection of ideas which are used as the basis of any given
society. These ideas typically involve such things as religion, cuisine, architecture,
language, art forms such as music, sculpture, painting, theatrical performances
etc., styles of clothing, scientific knowledge, and so forth. We all know what
someone’s character is. Are they reliable? Are they honest? Do they bend the
truth? Are they punctual etc. Culture is the character of an organization or
group of associated people. Does the organization value punctuality or does it
tolerate tardiness? Does it put customers over employees? Does the group ‘take
care of its own’? It’s a group’s ‘character’.

One of the main aspects of
culture is “language.” People who share the same culture, often speak the same
or a similar language. Speaking in a certain language can also affect your
personality and how you view the world (ELMES, 2013). How we think about
situations directly effects our personality. When we consciously have thoughts
and make decisions we use words (usually sticking to one language, but
sometimes interchanging). What words we have available, and therefore what
thoughts we can describe, and how they get described is based on the
restrictions of the language we are using (in most cases know). For example, a
language that uses gendered nouns will subliminally influence your thoughts
about those objects because of how you approach them linguistically and
therefore in your thoughts. A language that does not have a word for a specific
feeling your emotion may be experiencing forces you do use known words to
“get close” to the feeling you’re having. Common phrases like “I
can’t put what I’m feeling into words”, while often over used…are
sometimes a reality…and there are other languages that could accurately
describe exactly what that person is feeling. All this subtly effects mood and
personality… Like how colors can have the same effect.

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