Astral philosopher expressed his deep consensus about

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Astral projection is a mystical concept which helps to
explain the willful for presenting the reality of consciousness and soul known
as an astral body. This concept claims that astral body is quite different from
the physical body. According to astral projection myth, soul has ability to
travel from one place to another place freely.345  

Many philosophers in 19th century claimed the existence of
astral travel throughout the universe. These philosophers claimed the existence
of origins of present world with the sophisticated spirituality and mystical
concepts.3 It is considered that astral travelling is due to extensive
meditation or some sort of spiritual dreaming.6 Due to self-hypnosis,
induction of astral projection has been experienced by philosophers. On the
other hand, it is claimed scientifically with evidence that there is no possibility
of “astral travelling” throughout the universe to make observations.
Furthermore, it is claimed that soul cannot leave the body just to make
observations. 7 Believing in concepts of astral projection myth, are because
of pseudoscientific evidences.891011121314     

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In two different ways, the term “astral
Projection” can be used. These are Golden Dawn 37 and Theosophists. 38
It is assumed by philosophers that with the help of special meditation, it is
possible to move through different places including imaginal landscapes, hells,
heaven and other desired astrological beyond.39 This kind of astral travel is
applicable to non-physical myths.40

To support the myth of astral projection through astral
travel, many notable practitioners shared their experience. Honore de Balzac, a
famous French philosopher expressed his deep consensus about astral or out of
body experience. Similarly, Emanuel Swedenborg expressed his experience of
observing astral travel in his spiritual Diary.47 

Sylvan Muldoon, Oliver Fox,50 Hereward Carrington,51
Robert Monroe,49 and Yram,52 are few philosophers who wrote about astral
projection in new horizons of twentieth century.48

The famous philosopher, Robert Monroe, has claimed that he
himself experienced the magical myth of astral travel towards imaginable
dominions. His concept was appreciated throughout the world as published in
many languages. Robert Monroe wrote many books on astral travel and performed
great efforts to make prominent research related to auditory technology. His
intensions were to provide priceless assistance to the humans in achieving
projection and altered states of consciousness.

Helen Keller, author of “My Religion”, claimed in her book
that once she had experienced astral travelling to the Athens. She explained
her mystical experience with the words that she visited Athens in real way
while she remained in her room. She proclaimed that she visited Athens as a
soul. The distance didn’t matter for soul and yet clearly seen and enjoyed
thousand miles distant territory.56


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