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The Thor movies, made by Marvel Studios, have developed into one of the best Marvel storylines made. Released on November 3, 2017, making 790.1 million dollars in the United States, while in theaters less than a month, gaining more income than any previous Thor movie, expecting to receive more income than previous movies in the franchise. Containing action packed scenes, keeping you at the edge of your seat throughout the entirety of the film. Although this film remains an adventure, comedy appears often throughout the movie, allowing the viewer to have a multifaceted appreciation for the motion picture. With an excellent soundtrack, featuring songs from famous bands such as Led Zeppelin, and other amazing, popular talented musical groups. The soundtrack alone keeps the audience entertained, making each scene more intense with the famous band as well as the background original music by Mark Motherbaugh. This film excites the audience with every scene. This film has received superb ratings from movie critics such as Rotten Tomatoes, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and The Atlantic. Each critic remained positive, giving an average of four out of five stars.Chris Hemsworth, the actor who plays Thor, begins the movie as a prisoner on the other side of the universe. Ending up as a contestant in a gladiatorial match against the Incredible Hulk, his former ally and fellow team member in the Avengers. Thor sets off on a quest to escape the place which has kept him as prisoner, in order to return to his home land, Asgardian, to defeat an all-powerful goddess named Helena.While interesting twists and turns appear throughout the movie, the characters previously developed kept their characteristics and stayed true to their characters. Featuring Marvel characters such as The Incredible Hulk, Loki, and Doctor Strange. While also introducing many characters from the comics, who have not been mentioned in previously made Thor movies.Thor Ragnarok remains a truly must see movie, rated PG-13, keeping the amazing actors from previous movies.


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